Internal regulations of The Public Internet Access Point

1. Gene­ral

1.1. The pub­lic inter­net access points (APs from here on) in Tapa munici­pa­lity are loca­ted at:

1.1.1. Tapa Inter­net and Infor­ma­tion Access Point, side wing of Tapa Pub­lic Lib­rary at Koo­li street 6, Tapa (open hours Tue-Fri 10–18, Sat 10–15, except natio­nal holidays);

1.1.2. Leht­se Pub­lic Lib­rary at Räga­ve­re tee 19, 73601 Leht­se, Tapa munici­pa­lity (open at the same time as lib­rary);

1.1.3. Sak­si Pub­lic Lib­rary at Moe 1, 45005 Moe, Tapa munici­pa­lity (open at the same time as lib­rary);

1.1.4. Jäne­da Pub­lic Lib­rary at Jäne­da cast­le, 73602 Jäne­da, Tapa munici­pa­lity (open at the same time as lib­rary).

1.2. AP offers the use of inter­net con­nec­ted com­pu­ter free of char­ge for a limi­ted time (2 hours a day). The main pur­po­se of the com­pu­ters is to allow access to pub­licly avai­lab­le e‑services (eEs­to­nia, @-banks, e‑mail) and educa­tio­nal materials.

1.3. APs can be used by anyo­ne who is at least 12 years old and:

1.3.1. has enough experience;

1.3.2. is not in dept (eit­her mone­ta­rily or with over­due books) to any of the pub­lic lib­ra­ries in Tapa;

1.3.3. is not ban­ned from using the AP.

1.4. The use of pub­lic inter­net access com­pu­ters is free of char­ge for up to 2 hours a day. Eve­ry next hour (or half hour) has to be paid for. The fee is set by the Munici­pal Govern­ment of Tapa (check the price­list).

1.5. In case of great demand the AP admi­nist­ra­tor may enforce addi­tio­nal time rest­ric­tions on com­pu­ter use.

1.6. The AP user must pre­sent valid ID upon registration.

1.7. If the user does­n’t comp­ly with point 1.6. of the regu­la­tions then the AP admi­nist­ra­tor may deny access to the pub­lic computer(s).

1.8. Befo­re using the pub­lic computer(s) the user must read and accept the inter­nal regu­la­tions of the AP (this document).

1.9. Only one user per com­pu­ter at a time.

1.10. The user is obli­ged to use the pub­lic com­pu­ter and ser­vices in good will.

1.11. It is for­bid­den to enter the AP on rol­ler ska­tes, ska­te­board, bike or other such equip­ment and it’s also for­bid­den to bring ani­mals, guns, ammo, explo­si­ves, flam­mab­les and very dirty or bad smel­ling objects into the AP.

1.12. It’s for­bid­den to enter the AP under the inf­luence of alco­hol or narcotics.

1.13. The AP or the lib­rary is not res­pon­sib­le for the pat­ron’s per­so­nal things.

1.14. The AP user is obli­ged to fol­low the inst­ruc­tions of the AP admi­nist­ra­tor or lib­rary employee.

1.15. The­re is video sur­veil­lance in Tapa AP.

2. Ser­vices

2.1. Prin­ting from the pub­lic com­pu­ter only takes place via the AP/library emp­loyee and the­re is a fee for it (check the price list).

2.2. All the ser­vices men­tio­ned in the price list are available.

3. Regist­ra­tion

To use a pub­lic com­pu­ter the user must regis­ter his name at the AP or by phone:

3.1.1. Tapa Inter­net and Infor­ma­tion Access Point — 32 32 088;

3.1.2. Jäne­da Lib­rary — 38 98 330;

3.1.3. Leht­se Lib­rary — 38 333 88;

3.1.4. Sak­si Lib­rary — 32 39 315.

3.2. Pre-regist­ra­tion is avai­lab­le during the AP’s open hours. The time can be regis­te­red for 2 hours a day and up to 1 week in advance.

3.3. If the pre-regis­te­red user is late for more than 10 minu­tes the regist­ra­tion is cancel­led and the user can use a com­pu­ter using the regu­lar queue.

4. For­bid­den activities

4.1. Dis­tur­bing other users;

4.2. Eating or drin­king on site;

4.3. Smo­king in the AP or in the vici­nity of;

4.4. Using mobi­le pho­nes (loud speech or ring­to­nes are disturbing);

4.5. Whi­le using a com­pu­ter it’s not allowed:

4.5.1. using the devices or sof­twa­re not accor­ding to purpose;

4.5.2. to make any chan­ges in com­pu­ter con­fi­gu­ra­tion;

4.5.3. to ins­tall addi­tio­nal software;

4.5.4. to play com­pu­ter games;

4.5.5. to view indecent mate­rials or sites;

4.5.6. to reboot or shut down the com­pu­ter wit­hout per­mis­sion from the AP emp­loyee. Alt­hough the user should clo­se all prog­rams star­ted by him/her and dele­te all created/saved files. The AP / Tapa Pub­lic Lib­rary is not res­pon­sib­le for any per­so­nal data left in the files the user has created.

5. Vio­la­ting the regulations

5.1. If the AP user does not abi­de by the regu­la­tions, he or she loses the pri­vi­le­ge of using the AP’s ser­vices and com­pu­ters for 2 weeks (depen­ding upon vio­la­tion the period may be up to 6 mont­hs). On repea­ted vio­la­tions the user pri­vi­le­ges are revo­ked indefinitely.

5.2. Mate­rial dama­ge, cau­sed by the user to the AP, must be com­pen­sa­ted by the user.

6. Addi­tio­nal clauses

6.1. Tapa Pub­lic Lib­rary is not res­pon­sib­le for any copyright inf­rin­ge­ment done by AP users. The AP user is ful­ly res­pon­sib­le for his/her own actions on the web or on the computer.

6.2. Any prob­lems encoun­te­red using the pub­lic com­pu­ters should be forwar­ded to the AP emp­loyee. The AP emp­loyee is the­re also for assis­tance, if nee­ded (the AP user must have essen­tial com­pu­ter skills).
This is an unof­ficial trans­la­tion of the ori­gi­nal regu­la­tions in Esto­nian.