Visitor’s ABC

Library card and Estonian identity card

To make use of book-len­ding in the lib­ra­ries of Tapa munici­pa­lity one needs a lib­rary card or an Esto­nian iden­tity card.

To beco­me a pat­ron at the lib­rary and get the lib­rary card a per­son must pre­sent a valid pho­to ID. The children must also have paren­tal con­sent in writing.

The first lib­rary card is free of char­ge for the pat­ron. For a lost or dama­ged lib­rary card a fee of 0,60 € has to be paid in order to recei­ve a new card.

Esto­nian natio­nal iden­tity card is also a valid lib­rary card.

Eve­ry year pat­ron’s per­so­nal data (name, con­tact details, occu­pa­tion and so on) is veri­fied and the len­ding pri­vi­le­ge is renewed.

Always take your lib­rary or ID card with you when going to the lib­rary and never give your lib­rary card for other peo­ple to use. If you hap­pen to lose your card or find someo­ne else’s, ple­ase noti­fy the lib­rary imme­diately by pho­ne (323 2081) or by email ().

Book lending

The usual period for len­ding books, magazi­nes and others:

in Tapa pub­lic lib­rary — 14 days,
in Assa­mal­la, Jäne­da, Leht­se, Sak­si, Tam­sa­lu and Vajan­gu lib­ra­ries — 21 days.

In case of high demand (man­da­tory lite­ra­tu­re at school, research/study mate­rials and so on) some books may be sub­jec­ted to a shor­ter len­ding period.

Paid services

Copies, prin­ting, scan­ning, inter­lib­rary loans (ILL) and using the pub­lic inter­net access com­pu­ter for more than two hours a day are bil­led accor­ding to the price­list.


With a pas­sword one can log in to the e‑catalog RIKSWEB whe­re it is pos­sib­le to extend loans, make reser­va­tions on books, view bor­rowing his­tory and more. Ask for your pas­sword from a librarian.

Reserving or queuing books

Books can be reser­ved or queued:

NB! Noti­fying of books avai­la­bilty by pho­ne is a paid ser­vice (it costs 0,30 €). Noti­fica­tion via e‑amil is free of charge.
Reser­ved book should be col­lec­ted wit­hin 3 days.
Don’t for­get to noti­fy the lib­rary once you no lon­ger wish to lend the reser­ved item.

Due date warnings and reminders

The pat­ron is res­pon­sib­le for retur­ning bor­rowed items on time. When len­ding items from the lib­rary, pat­ron is given a receipt with the list of items and due dates on it. Remin­ders about upco­ming due dates are sent by the lib­rary to the pat­ron’s e‑mail address.

Extending loans

The bor­rowing period can be exten­ded for items with no queue (no reservations) :

Overdue fines

The­re’s a fine of 0,05 € per each book for eve­ry day overdue.

Lost or damaged book

If an item bor­rowed from the lib­rary goes mis­sing or gets dama­ged, the pat­ron has seve­ral options:

  1. replace the item with a new copy of the same item,
  2. pay for the item (the price to pay may be up to 10 times the ori­gi­nal price, depends on demand and rarity of the item),
  3. replace it with anot­her item tha­t’s of the same value to the library.

Ple­ase discuss with the ilb­ra­rian first about the replace­ment options.

A small list of eli­gib­le replace­ment books:

  • Jüri Frei­mann „Pruu­na-Kõr­ve“, 1999
  • „Põh­ja-Ees­ti südam­aa­del“, 1997
  • Jero­me David Salin­ger „Kuris­tik rukkis“
  • Annie M.G. Sch­midt „Mii­su“

Interlibrary loans (ILL)

Through inter­lib­rary loans (ILL) it is pos­sib­le to order books mis­sing in our lib­rary from other lib­ra­ries in Estonia.

  • The len­ding period of items orde­red from other lib­ra­ries is set by the owner lib­rary. Usu­al­ly this is 2–4 weeks.
  • Cost of retur­ning the book (pos­tal fee) will be paid by the patron.
  • In case copies are sent ins­tead of the orde­red item, the pat­ron will have to pay for them accor­ding to the bill pre­sen­ted by the lib­rary who made the copies.